Environmental Remediation Equipment Inc.

20 Years of Environmental Technology

Let’s begin with a little history……

As early as 4000 BC, ancient civilizations began to realize the importance of drinking and using clean water. They also realized that the fires they used for cooking and heating left the air so dense, intolerable and polluted. In essence, they began using their senses of sight, smell, and taste to analyze the water and air, and try to develop viable filtering and treatment systems. For example, they began to boil water and filter water by using sand and gravel. These processes are still used today.

As time flowed throughout the centuries, significant contributions had been made in the area of treatment technologies, focusing primarily on water borne illness as a means of public protection. With the dawn of the industrial revolution, people no longer had to rely on their senses to assess the quality of the environment. Instead, environmental equipment were developed; samplers, monitors, and analyzers that gave clean, accurate results, results that could not be seen with the naked eye. With the results obtained, people could actually assess what treatment technology could be used.
environmental equipment.